Monocacy Aqueduct

Monocacy Aqueduct in Dickerson, Maryland is the ideal location to create memorable portraits and also capture the stunning beauty of the bridge and its historic character.

© Ryan Shapiro

© Ryan Shapiro

Sunset creates some wonderful lighting that reflects against the bridge with a warm amber glow.

© Ryan Shapiro

© Ryan Shapiro

© Ryan Shapiro

© Ryan Shapiro

Address:  1115 Mouth of Monocacy Rd, Dickerson, MD 20842 | Directions

Q & A with Realtor | Dee Kalasa

Headshot: Dee Kalasa

Headshot: Dee Kalasa

Q. How did you get started in the real estate industry?

A. I have always wanted to try real estate and have stopped and started a couple times. I finally committed to it, signed up and got my license.

I don’t have any regrets. As a real estate agent, we wear many hats- real estate consultant, therapist, friend, SME for all things real estate and everything else but I truly love engaging with my clients, learning about their needs and finding that dream home. A lot of my clients are also some of my best friends. So its been a win-win all around.

Q. How many years of experience do you have?

A. Enough years of experience to bring all of the knowledge and information my clients need when looking to buy or sell a home.    

Q. How do you differentiate yourself from other agents?

A. I am an extrovert and believe that I have a keen sense of intuition, which plays a very important role in my job as a real estate agent. This because sometimes or a lot of times, my clients will wait to reveal a very important aspect of their current lives which I am able to pick up on right away. Also, relationship builder is one of my strengths and i am able to connect right away with my clients. I am also very detail oriented and provide a lot of research and information to my clients which they really like.

Q. Do you have a specialty such as re-locations, buyers, or listings?

A. I am a buyers agent. I do also list homes but most of what I do is help my clients buy a home.

Q. What areas do you serve?

A. DC and MD

Q. What are your passions or hobbies outside of your career?

A. Traveling to new, exotic destinations, reading, and staying healthy which means I spend a lot of free time working out.

Q. How can you be reached?

A. Via email at or by phone at 301-787-8622

Pet Portrait of Henry

Many people consider their dog to be a core part of their family and equally as lovable as their human counterparts.

Dogs bring us joy, happiness and healing. As such I decided to celebrate the love of our dog, Henry, by creating pet portraits of him. Henry is a handsome eight-month old Australian Shepherd (red merle).

He loves to go hiking and run off-leash in wide open fields. His favorite hobbies include playing tug-of-war, kicking his soccer ball around, and sniffing blades of grass.  We just recently began training him on how to catch a disc in mid-air. When he isn’t busy with all of his other activities, Henry likes to socialize with other dogs at the local dog park. His diet consists of kibble but he loves fresh organic vegetables and loves to eat peanut butter out of his Kong toy.



Meet Dr. Joseph Mancini, Jr.

My freelance photography business offers me the opportunity to meet with leaders in their respective fields.  Not only do I get to create professional headshots for them, but I develop new lifelong friendships. It is fulfilling to learn firsthand about my clientele and witness the successes they've created.

One such person is Dr. Joseph Mancini, Jr., Ph.D, CCHt. PLt., LBLt., M.S.O.D., M.S.W. Joe is a successful clinical hypnotherapist and author that is seeing his practice grow in the area of past life regression.  He just completed his soon to be released book entitled, 'I Comprehended All': Healing Narratives from Past-Life Regressions To the Civil War.

I recently captured Joe on video as he described his background and how it led to his new book.  Please view below and enjoy.